Oven not functioning

Oven not functioning? – first aid from the experts

Oven not functioning? – first aid from the experts

Your oven has stopped working? How unfortunate. But don’t despair, it might be caused by something simple. Have you checked the fuse and the power supply? Check that the hob still works, as you might have had a power cut without realising it. If the hob is also not working, it may mean that the fuse has blown. If, however, the hob is working but the oven isn’t, this indicates that there is a fault with the oven.

Sometimes, really simple things that wouldn’t normally occur to you stop your oven from working. If, for example, there is a power cut in your home, this can cause the oven clock to revert to the factory setting. For the oven to work, however, the time has to be set. The display will then stop flashing and the oven will work as normal. Check whether this is the cause.

If you can exclude all these causes and your oven or the bottom heat still doesn’t work, there is a technical fault that our Bosch customer service team can easily resolve for you.

You can call our Bosch customer service team for large appliances on <CustSerPhoneNo> (24 hours a day, seven days a week) or schedule a convenient appointment online.

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